Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You're a good dog.

The Premise: After a short life as a stray mutt, reincarnated puppy Bailey (previously Toby) begins his life anew with 8-year old Ethan and his family. Bailey has it all. An adoring child. Plenty of flowers to dig up. And life, by all accounts, is good. As he stays by Ethan's side and watches him grow up, Bailey experiences the happiness and contentment unknown in his previous life. 

But this life as a beloved family pet is not the end of Bailey's journey, much to his puzzlement. Reborn as a puppy yet again after a full and satisfying life with Ethan, Bailey wonders--will he ever find his purpose?  Never one to shy away from a good adventure (or good food), Bailey plunges ahead in each of his new doggy lives with vigor, always curious, but never worried. Taking each iteration of his life in stride, Bailey leads us through his days as a companion, a hero, and eventually, a wise soul, eager to learn and always searching for the reason of his existence. 
**May contain spoilers**